September 1, 2013

Mars Notebook 2.21
Total Commander 8.01 MP2


Mars Notebook 2.2
Total Commander 8.01 MP1

February 11, 2012

Mars Notebook 2.11
New spellchecker dictionaries
Download Master 5.12.4 MP

September 5, 2011

Mars Notebook 2.1
Download Master 5.11.2 MP
Total Commander 7.56a MP10

April 3, 2011

Mars Notebook 2.1 RC2
Download Master 5.9.4 MP
Total Commander 7.56a MP9

February 22, 2011

Mars Notebook 2.1 RC1
Mars Installer 1.5
Download Master 5.9.2 MP
Total Commander 7.56a MP8

May 10, 2010

Mars Notebook 2.0

November 20, 2008

Mars Notebook 1.61
Miranda MarsPack 9

August 18, 2008

Mars Notebook 1.6
Miranda MarsPack 9
Total Commander 7.04a Pack 6


Mars Notebook is one and secure place for all your notes and even documents...

Mars Notebook

- one and secure place for all your notes and memories
- full featured text editor with formatting and printing
- supports graphics, tables, links, attachments
- import/export of MS Word, HTML, CHM, PDF
- all data stored in one single database file
- 8 strong encryption algorithms to protect your data
- more than 20 program skins and different languages
- 361 icons to use in section name with font selection
- text search and replace can be made in all sections
- it's portable and can be run from any flash media
- passwords generator and a lot of other tools
- unbeatable price is only $17


Mars WinCleaner

Mars WinCleaner will cleanup your computer securely and with high-quality...
secure cleanup your computer from unnecessary files - 
automatically cleans history, temp, recent files - 
supports IE, Opera, Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox browsers - 
removes cookies, history, cache, forms in browsers - 
can cleanup IExplorer index.dat files without reboot - 
can securely erase files with no chances to restore - 
it's possible to cleanup all users account on one PC - 
can work automatically on Windows startup/shutdown - 
any user defined files and registry keys can be cleaned - 
explorer shell extension to erase files securely - 
unbeatable price is only $15 - 


Mars Banks Base is real bank cards and routings database...

Mars Banks Base

- banks, routings, zip codes database with 11 bases
- VISA, Mastercard, AMEX bank identification codes
- ABA and routing numbers for US banks
- US ZIP codes
- US dial area codes
- always busy phone numbers for US
- US and UK states
- supports search and filtering
- it's possible to copy one or multiple records
- it's portable and can be run from any flash media
- donationware

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